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Diathermy therapy

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Diathermy is a treatment option that uses energy sources to deep heat areas of your body. Rather than a heat source, diathermy uses sources like sound and electricity, which are converted into heat by your body. 

Diathermy, also called “deep heating,” heats deep below the surface of your skin. It targets muscles and joints to provide therapeutic benefits. Source

The Biocovet system includes the latest technological innovations, which make it the most advanced, efficient, versatile, secure and reliable type of therapeutic equipment for veterinary use. For each work technique, this system includes software with predetermined programs which have been specifically designed according to the objective to be fulfilled in each therapy so as to obtain an optimized and highly-efficient global result.

Dielectric transmission developed by Biotronic AD®achieves a breakthrough in the electromagnetic signal transmission in relation to safety, focus and effectiveness.

Source: Biocovet

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